5th & 6th Grade J-Lectives

Jewish life is far bigger than any classroom. It unfolds in family recipes, arts and culture, caring for the vulnerable, community celebrations, and praying with our families. Through J-Lectives, 5th and 6th grade students experience Jewish education beyond the classroom in fun and meaningful ways with friends and family. Through on and off-campus initiatives, J-Lectives aim to supplement material learned in class, while creating Jewish memories with friends and family.

Each experience takes place throughout the year—at WRT, in Westchester or NYC, or even at home!

How to get started

  1. Students select one J-Lective Track and participate in six J-Lective experiences (about once a month) from the selected track.
  2. Register for your track.
  3. Reminder emails with a list of Track options will be sent to you monthly.
  4. Report back on your experiences with a post to instagram with #wrteverywhere OR, by emailing us a description of your J-Lective experience. Be sure to include a photo!

Images will be posted in the JLL so others can learn about your visits and adventures!

Click here for sample J-Lective opportunities.