Meet Our Team

Rabbi Leah Citrin, our Jewish Learning Lab Director, has returned to her home here at WRT! Working with our WRT lay leaders and educators, she will continue to enhance each child’s spiritual education and continue to develop a robust experiential family education program. To learn more about Rabbi Citrin, click here.

Nancy Abraham, lead Hebrew educator and learning differences specialist, ensures that each child is recognized for his or her unique gifts. She oversees our K–6 Hebrew curriculum, shepherds our K–2 curriculum, teaches and tutors, and is on hand to answer any questions about our Hebrew education program.

Joanne Citrin, full-time educator, brings to the JLL a love of Hebrew and Jewish traditions. Her passions for Hebrew, theater, food, and travel feed her work with Chevruta students, seventh Grade workshops, WRTeens, and kindergarten Monthly Mensches.

Jaime Gluska is our database and financial administrator. In addition to assisting with financials and day-to-day activities, Jaime comes with a wealth of gifts from graphic design to Jewish knowledge. She is an integral part of our team.

Ivy Schwartz, full-time educator, brings a deep knowledge of Jewish learning to WRT. She also brings the gift of ensuring that everyone she meets feels seen and heard. She will focus on third grade and will continue to enrich our Madrichim (teen leadership program) and Mercaz programs.

Our team is complete with the dedication and talent of our part time teachers and the inspiration and gifts of our clergy who strive to meet the needs of each student:

  • Rabbi Jonathan Blake
  • Cantor Amanda Kleinman
  • Cantor Danielle Rodnizki (Sharing Shabbat)
  • Rabbi Sasha Baken
  • Cantorial Intern Isaac Sonett-Assor (Chabibeat Youth Choir; WRTones )