Our K-2 students, called “Mensches,” explore big ideas through stories, hands-on activities, music, and movement, as well as prayer during our monthly family services. The Lab’s goal for this age group is to make Hebrew, prayers, and Jewish vocabulary accessible to students and families.

Each year we focus on a “Big Idea” that is woven through the curriculum and explored through Torah stories and Jewish holidays. Year-long big ideas have included: our relationship to our world and the Torah stories of our people (2023 – 24 focus), our relationship to others and the Seven Middot (character strengths), and our relationship to our Jewish community and Israel.

Family Time at the JLL

Each weekend program includes a weekly & monthly tefillah family service, led by our clergy and educational leadership.

Special family programs are held throughout the year, including an off-site apple picking trip, the Sukkah Block Party, Shabbat celebrations, and more! See the JLL calendar for details.


Programming for Jewish Learning Lab typically begins in the middle to end of September. The schedule for K-2 is:

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Monthly Mensches

Meets eight times during the school year

Sundays, 9:00–11:30am on Oct. 1,  Nov. 5,  Dec. 10,  Jan. 21,  Feb. 11,  March 24,  April 14, and May 19


Kindergarten through 2nd Grade: Mensches in Training

Meets weekly, either on Sundays  OR  Saturdays 

Sundays, 9:00–11:30am   OR    Sharing Shabbat: Saturdays, 9:00am–12:00 noon