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To register, WRT member accounts must be in good standing (all account items paid in full). New families must provide membership forms (Campus Renewal Fund, Membership Commitment, and Information Card), pay a 50% deposit towards membership, and pay the full security fee before registering for the Jewish Learning Lab. WRT or an affiliate synagogue membership membership is required for most Jewish Learning Lab programs.

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If you have any questions about online registration, please contact the JLL office at

Member Tuition

Grade Tuition Fee
K – 2 (Monthly Mensches) $371
K-2 (Weekly) $949
3rd & 4th $1,697
5th & 6th $2,090
7th $1,922
8th WRTeen Passport $500
9th WRTeen Passport $500
10th Confirmation $2,047
10th WRTeen Passport $500
11th WRTeen Passport $500
12th WRTeen Passport $500

K–7th Grade Non-Member Tuition
(Temple membership is not required to enroll for K-2. Non-members are required to fill out the information card and pay the security fee.)

Grade Tuition Fee
K & 2 (Monthly Mensches) $515
K-2 (Weekly) $1,545
3rd–7th Membership is required to enroll.

8–12th Grade Non-Member Tuition
(Current membership at an affiliate congregation is required to enroll)

Grade Tuition Fee
8th – 12th WRTeen Passport $600
10th Confirmation $2,456

Find a full overview of tuition and fees, here.