3rd Grade

Our 3rd grade students explore Hebrew through demonstration and exploration. Using a project-based approach, students discuss and analyze Torah stories, lift-up Jewish values and holidays, and make connections to their own lives. This year (2022 – 2023) students will focus on the Book of Exodus and the Passover Seder considering:

  • What does the Exodus from Egypt have to do with me?
  • What does freedom mean for me, my community and beyond?

There will be discussions, games, music and arts-based projects, concluding with the creation of a supplement for your Passover Haggadah and an exploration of Shavuot!

Learning Hebrew

Students explore Hebrew through demonstration and exploration. It is immersive, laying the foundation for language acquisition.

  • Students experience the language by hearing, watching, and responding to Hebrew commands in our “Hebrew Through Movement” program. Third graders begin with action vocabulary and everyday objects, which is reinforced during tefillah (prayer services).
  • Classes participate in weekly music curriculum, incorporating Hebrew in traditional and contemporary songs.
  • Students engage with tefillah twice a week for 30 minutes and once a week for 60 minutes for Sharing Shabbat; ensuring familiarity with and repetition of our most prevalent prayers.

Family Time at the JLL

The Lab’s goal is to make Hebrew and prayers, as well as synagogue and Jewish vocabulary, accessible to our students and families.

  • Each of our weekend programs includes a weekly family service, led by our clergy and educational leadership.
  • Special family programs are held throughout the year, including a WRTeam at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, an off-site apple picking trip, the Sukkah Slam, Shabbat celebrations, and more! See the JLL calendar for details.

The Jewish Learning Lab (JLL)  is a comprehensive program that begins in Kindergarten and ends in 12th Grade.  The curriculum provides the skills and tools to live a meaningful Jewish life and supports the mission of the JLL, “to kindle a lifelong love of Jewish learning and living in children and youth in the WRT community.”

Students must be enrolled by 3rd Grade to receive a preferred bar or bat mitzvah date, and to benefit from the core educational elements needed to have a successful and positive experience leading up to their bar or bat mitzvah. Students who do not attend the JLL before 3rd Grade will miss the opportunity for vital learning and community-building experiences that provide the foundation of Jewish learning in the upper grades.

Those who wish to join the JLL after 3rd Grade must first speak to the Director of the JLL to discuss any previous Jewish education their child may have.  In such situations, the child may be required to take on additional learning elements, at the parent’s cost, in order to participate successfully in the JLL program.


Programming for Jewish Learning Lab typically begins in the middle to end of September. The schedule for 3rd grade is:

Alef: Sundays, 9–11am and one Weekday (Tuesday or Wednesday) TBD, 3:45–5pm
Bet : Sundays, 10:30am–12:30pm and one Weekday (Tuesday or Wednesday) TBD, 3:45–5pm
Sharing Shabbat: Saturdays, 9am–12pm and one Weekday (Tuesday or Wednesday) TBD, 3:45–5pm