Chabibeat: Youth Choir

Let your children raise their voices as a member of the WRT Youth Choir! With two performances during the year, children in grades 2-6 are invited to bring joy through song to the WRT community and beyond! Participation in at least two series/performances is requested. Attendance at both rehearsals in the series is required.

Programming for 2019-2020

Performance 1Thanksgiving Dinner for the Visually Impaired; Thursday, November 21, from 6:00–8:30pm


  • Sunday, November 3, from 12:30–1:15pm
  • Sunday, November 17, from 12:30–1:15pm

Performance 2: Purim; Sunday, March 8, from 9:15–11:15am.


  • Sunday, February 9, from 12:30–1:15pm
  • Sunday, March 1, from 12:30–1:15pm

Performance 3: Freedom Shabbat; Friday, April 17, from 6:15–7:45pm


  • Sunday, March 29, from 12:30–1:15pm
  • Friday, April 17, from 4:30–6:00pm